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Woman & wall_acrylic on canvas_77X92cm_2011
Waiting_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2011
Third eye_acrylic on canvas_77X77cm_2011
The politics of donation-3_acrylic on canvas_153X183cm_2012
The man who have to observe-2_acrylic on canvas_33X44cm_2011
The man who have to observe_acrylic on canvas_33X44cm_2011
The last emperor_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2011
The green beauty_acrylic on canvas_77X92cm_2011
The flower after bath_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2014
Suchitra sen-2_acrylic on canvas_46X51cm_2014
Suchitra sen-1_acrylic on canvas_46X51cm_2014
Small minivet in the yellow river_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2014
Searching for love_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2009
Politics society situation_acrylic on canvas_153X183cm_2009
Memory recall-1_chalk & acrylic on wooden slate_300X155cm_2015
Life is not live_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2009
Land of love-1_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2008
Land of dream-2_acrylic on canvas_77X77cm_2009
Land of dream_acrylic on paper_33X44cm_2011
In the boxing ring__acrylic on canvas_77X92cm_2012
Dance of love 2_acrylic on canvas_77X92cm_2008
Dance in heaven__acrylic on canvas_77X92cm_2012
Censored voice_acrylic on canvas_61X61cm_2009
Apple politics-2_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2011
Apple politics_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2012
Apple politics_acrylic on canvas_92X102cm_2011


September 29, 2015